First Post

Hi there! I’m Sarah, nice to meet you.

I like taking pictures.

Downtown Conway, SC; Huntington Beach State Park; boat view of the house from The Notebook in Hemingway, SC; Farmer’s Market in Conway, SC

I’m from the south. I’ve grown to love the weather, the people and the traditions down here.

getting pretty, Earla loafers, Anti platforms, jewelry

I’ve never considered myself a ‘girly girl’ or high maintenance. Now that I’m a big girl with a grown-up job that’s changed. Eep. I spend way too much on makeup and fashion but its a guilty pleasure I thoroughly enjoy. Online shopping and pinterest are equal parts awesome and detrimental to my grown-up sensibilities. Speaking of pinterest I stumbled onto the ‘How I Organized My Entire Life’ project. I felt inspired to be  more mindful and responsible to myself and my family. I figured a blog would help me do that.

spacesaver cabinet in my bathroom; DIY ombré chair in my living room, idea from design*sponge; me trying to fix my Ikea expedit that my boyfriend ended up taking apart and putting back together; ‘wallpaper’ I painted in my hallway

I feel like I’ve got my hands in many pies these days, one of them being the ‘new homeowner’ pie. I get silly and overwhelmed if I think about it too much. It’s as daunting as it is comforting. I love decorating and anything DIY. I don’t love how slow-going it can seem sometimes. I can be so indecisive. Not to mention how time consuming and expensive it can be. I love a good tutorial/hack and before & afters.

handmade birthday card – the inside features a freehand sketch of one of my most beloved cartoons; birthday dinner in Lumberton, NC; six month anniversary at our favorite restaurant in Charleston, SC; mixtape cover art

I can’t do a little ‘about me’ without mentioning my fella. He is pretty much fantastic. He puts up with me after long work days and buys me diet pepsi when I’m running low (this is a very big deal chez sarahembee). I can’t explain how special he is to me. One day I’ll explain how we met, an unconventional tale to say the least.

turntable love notes; Cults @ Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC; Beirut @ Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA; vinyl love notes

Saving the best for last. The fella and I love music. In our free time we go to shows and hunt through record stores we find along the way. In my younger days I was a total music snob. Now almost nothing makes me happier than sharing awesome tunes with my closest friends.

So that’s a little about me. Wish me luck as I try to organize my entire life!




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